Drunk in Love (Remix)

“Everybody say Hey Ms. Carter. Everybody say Heyyyyyy Ms. Carter.” Kayne comes through on the remix telling everyone about his sex-capades.Told you give the drummer some, now the drummer cummin’. I’m pa rum pa pum pumin’ all on your stomach” The remix includes samples of Kanye’s songs like “Flashing Lights” and “I’m In It.” Is it a hit? HOW THE HELL NOT? I woke up on the couch tryna figure out how the hell did this ish happen. At the thought of it, I was biased, only because King Hov will always reign supreme and this song to me was such a hit because it was between a man and wife. But luckily Kanye did the damn thing. Jay’s verse stays the same as does most of Beyonce‘s. Give it a listen. Amber Rose did and tweeted “Fuck my fav song is ruined. Smh. Terrific.” Probably because of this line : “Yeah, tonight I see some super freaky hoes. That could go from bein’ stripper to a super C.E.O.” Bey clearly doesn’t want anyone else to have a chance this era. The trailer for the video was released, let’s see if it gets the “Put In a Love Song” treatment.

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Ok, this thing right here you guys. This is heaven sent. This voice is one from the gods! Lil ole JoJo has given you all VOCALS. Somebody call Rihanna and let her to just transfer over to Ke$ha‘s genre of spoken word. Hell, send Ashanti on her way too, we have to make room for this voice. She has been done so wrong in the past Joanna HAS to win. She covers Anita Baker‘s “Caught Up In The Rapture” and Phil Collins“Take Me Home”. She even takes y’all home with this opera track “Glory” that she puts a little gospel flair on. I can go on all day about her vocals. She is giving it. Atlantic is about to make a pretty little penny off this one right here. She is about to WIN, mark my words.

-Brandiinoo, out.


Ok, now I know I am late on this album, but my god. I was so wrapped up In Ariana Grande‘s debut that I didn’t even give Tamar Braxton‘s “Love and War” a try and I regret it. This album is R&B people! 100x better than her debut from back in 2000, “Tamar”. Every track, with the exception on “The One” I can play (I have literally deleted that song from my iTunes.) She may be annoying at times but Vince did a good job with this. Now after watching The Tamar and Vince show I can tell that this is not the album she wanted to release, nor is it the kind of music she wanted to release, but gosh, this is good stuff. I love the music for the music not the artist like many choose to do these days. She wanted to pop, lock, and drop it but luckily her team scaled it back. Now her performances aren’t the best, she tries to do a little routine to “All The Way Home”, a song that needs that love and affection that Toni Braxton gives you, but at least she performs it nonetheless. With collaborations with Diplo, Sevyn Streeter, and Babyface, she makes this a true R&B record. If you have time, give it a spin.

-Brandiinoo, out.


Well, here it is folks. After all the hype behind it, the collaboration from the two divas is here. Produced by John Hill (Santigold, Christina Aguilera) and Tom “Kid Harpoon” Hull (Calvin Harris, Florence + the Machine) , the track features reggae inspiration while being uptempo. The video was shot by Joseph Khan in a L.A. mansion and is to be released in the weeks to follow. Now that I’ve said that, I can say what I feel. This is a rip-off of No Doubt‘s musical style circa 2001 (Rock Steady). They just upped the tempo. Nonetheless, it is a cute song. It will do decent overseas as all of Shakira and Rihanna‘s music does. Now I have to address the Rihanna “Navy.” I follow some on twitter and have seen them extremely upset with the song, even some who aren’t apart of the Navy. I have on statement: IT IS NOT RIHANNA’S SONG. She is a featured artist, she was asked to follow the style of the artist whose song it is. This is Shakira style to an extent. Not everything Rihanna does is her own personal work. She collaborated and was asked to conform to this certain genre and she complied, you all are acting like this is her single for her new album. Ok, rant over. Anyways, check out the song below which is Shakira’s first single off her tenth debut album due in March 25th.

I still like “Beautiful Liar” more.

-Brandiinoo, out.


Well ladies and gentlemen, JoJo has finally done it. The songstress has finally landed herself a decent record deal with a real record label. Atlantic Records, home to such artist as T.I., Bruno Mars, K. Michelle, and Trey Songz, decided to add Ms. Joanna to their roster. She was formally signed to Blackground Records, and was signed for years. After many years of legal battles, petitions for her fans and two mixtapes, she was finally released and moved on. Hopefully this means we will get a real single and album from her, as her voice is absolutely beautiful. Maybe “Demonstrate” will finally get some play. Listen to the track below.

Check out JoJo in the high-school comedy G.B.F. which hits theaters Friday.

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Ok, so I wasn’t going to come back heavy until 2014, but Nicki Minaj brought me back early. She did a freestyle to the ever so popular internet song “Boss Ass Bitch” by PTAF . I will not lie, I am a Nicki fan, but I am not biased and I am not lying when I say she BODIED this. She brought back her flow via her Playtime is Over mixtape. She talks about her lady friend and the rules to be a boss ass bitch. She’s currently working on her album slated for release in 2014. This is a flawless marketing move moving into this next quarter. If her album is anything like this song, she’ll pop. Listen to Nicki rip the 3 verses below.

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Move over Angelina, here comes Nicki Minaj! Finally making her acting debut after she has already broke through on the voice-over scene. Acting alongside Cameron Diaz, Nicki makes her debut in the comedy The Other WomanShe plays assistant to Diaz at a law firm in what seems to be New York. 

Cameron is dating a man (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), and then finds out that he his married (Leslie Mann), and soon after realizes he is seeing another woman (Kate Upton) as well. The film goes on in the three woman getting good ole’ revenge, The First Wives Club style. I CAN’T WAIT. Nicki is HILARIOUS.

The film is in theaters on April 25, 2014.

-Brandiinoo, out.